Aesthetic surgery in the practice of Dr. Del Bello

More and more people are looking to improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatment. Very rarely is flawless beauty the goal. Instead, it is the desire for a fresher, more natural and relaxed look and the optimization of the body’s silhouette. In short: It is about feeling fully comfortable in one’s own skin. And that is exactly what we provide.
When it comes to cosmetic surgery or treatments, most people want to simply feel well in their own skin again and not achieve flawless beauty. Dr. Frauke Del Bello, experienced surgeon from Berlin, will gladly support you in your intention to look younger, refreshed and radiant and will inform you about the ideal procedure for your plans. In doing so, Dr. Del Bello relies on a complex and comprehensive method which takes all factors into consideration which may have an effect on your body, your health and your personal physical well-being.

In her practice in downtown Berlin, Dr. Del Bello offers her patients various treatment methods:

• Methods of cosmetic surgery
• Procedures for skin rejuvenation
• Cosmetic treatments

For the selection of the right method, it is important to integrate the goal, age and person as a whole into the treatment plan in order to find the best possible path for that individual patient. In certain cases, for example, an anti-wrinkle injection may make more sense than a facelift. Dr. Del Bello places a great emphasis on personal consultation and support of her patients beyond the actual treatment. After all, it is her wish for her patients to feel comfortable in their own body and attain a more youthful appearance.

Overview of the practice

The practice of Dr. Del Bello is located in the vibrant center of downtown Berlin. This video will provide you with a first impression of our facilities and our team. We will gladly answer any questions you may have any time.

Dr. Del Bello

Medical Specialist for Surgery in Berlin

Dr. Del Bello is a Medical Specialist for Surgery with long-term experience.
After having worked in several hospitals, she opened her own practice in Berlin.
Dr. Del Bello possesses extensive expertise in the areas of general surgery, transplantation surgery as well as vascular surgery and now concentrates on plastic and aesthetic surgery. In this role, she is by the side of her patients from the first consulting session to the surgical procedure and the follow-up treatment: all with the goal of her patients being able to live their personal beauty ideal. In addition, Dr. Del Bello works as a lecturer for injection techniques with Botox and hyaluronic acid and serves as expert in various international teams.

News from the practice

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