Floppy eyelids are responsible for a tired, drawn or even sad or depressed appearance. The causes of this condition are usually not associated with mental health or unhealthy lifestyle but constitute simple effects of the aging process or are the fault of a genetic predisposition.
Unfortunately, the area around the eyes is especially vulnerable to the effects of aging and of genetic predispositions as the skin is extremely sensitive, frail and thin around the eyes. As a consequence, wrinkles appear, and eyelids will be floppy and bulged-out.


Eyelid lifts are among the most frequent surgical procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery. This is not surprising as it is a relatively quick procedure which produces great effects.
The result of this lift is clearly visible: The eyes appear younger, more dynamic and healthier. This means: The perception of others will change which will be reflected in many aspects of life – professionally as well as privately.


What happens during the surgery?

The procedure generally takes between one and two hours. During the surgery, excess skin on the eyelids is removed and, if necessary, unnecessary fatty tissue is removed as well.

What must I watch out for after the operation?

The eyelids will usually be somewhat swollen as a result of the procedure. We recommend two days of rest with the upper body elevated. Cooling will help to reduce swelling. In some cases, the eyes may be more sensitive to wind or light in which case sunglasses normally help. Patients can generally plan for their full return to social life within two weeks.

Will there be visible scars?

The scars are generally hardly visible right after the surgical procedure. In most cases, they are barely noticeable within a few weeks.

Will my health insurance cover blepharoplasty treatments?

No, health insurance companies unfortunately do not consider eyelid lifts as medically necessary. Accordingly, the patients will have to bear the costs themselves. A condition may qualify as an exception if the upper lid is so limp that it impairs visual abilities or if the cornea is chronically irritated by eyelash hair, for example.

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An eyelid lift is a small procedure which can have great effects, not only for the external appearance but also for personal well-being.
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