Skin and tissue tend to sag with time. Whether in the face, neck or belly – many people feel severely limited by the process of skin and tissue aging and look for options to turn back time. The new ThermiRF treatment method is an impressive option of tightening tissue with radio frequency from the inside – completely without surgery.


ThermiVA® uses the RF-energy to focally heat the tissue of the vagina and of the interior and exterior labia in order to vitalize and tighten this area, thereby reclaiming the well-being of a woman. These improvements not only concern visual but also functional aspects.
The process of giving birth as well as the natural hormonal ageing process may lead to impairments and changes of the physical and sexual well-being of women. An especially complicated birth or giving birth frequently may lead to an elongation and flabbiness of the vaginal tissue which may lead to stress incontinence.
Menopause may also lead to physical and functional changes, such as reduced wetness production or atrophy of the vaginal membrane. Frequently, these impairments lead to ailments in daily life and a significant reduction in sexual sensations.
A treatment of approx. 30 minutes, which will be repeated up to three times over the period of a month, can help you to regain vaginal tightness and more youthful labia. Vaginal menopause disorders as well as atrophic vaginitis, stress incontinence and orgasms failure can be positively treated.

The benefits

Significant improvement of tissue tightness
No significant downtime
No sexual abstinence required after the treatment
No anesthesia required
Non-invasive procedure
No downtime
A procedure of just a few minutes
Quick results