Innovative water jet-assisted liposuction

Water jet-assisted liposuction is a new method to gently release undesired fat deposits and suck them off. During this form of treatment, a fan-like pulsating water jet is used which can be precisely controlled in intensity and effectiveness.
It offers the option of quicker and simpler liposuction and/or fat extraction for an even more effective fat transfer of medium and large volumes.
Thanks to the gentle effects of the water jet, the surrounding connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels remain virtually unaffected, minimizing the risk of the liposuction procedure while also improving the result and decreasing the convalescence period. Another benefit is the fact that this process extracts autologous fat of a higher quality for further use more gently.

Frequent questions regarding liposuction

Is the suctioned fat really gone?

Yes, fat cells are actually removed during the procedure. However, as an experienced surgeon, I will make sure to not remove too much fat during liposuction. Otherwise, unattractive dents may appear. For this reason, any professional surgeon will leave a minimal fat layer under the skin to ensure a smooth, attractive, harmonious and natural look.

Does liposuction also help with cellulite and orange skin?

It absolutely does! Basically, cellulite is nothing but a collection of nests of fat cells which basically lump together. These fat collections are interspersed with vertical connective tissue strands which cause the appearance of orange skin. The liposuction procedure will sever or release many of these strands, breaking the nests of fat cells open and removing most of them. The effects of this process significantly improve the appearance of your skin!

Will the skin tauten again once the fat is gone?

Liposuction creates a kind of scar tissue underneath the skin. The right kind of compression (wearing a fixed brace for a short time after the procedure) can cause the skin to grow back together in the right place. Another result is the shrinking effect. That way, liposuction has a shaping and tightening effect – up to a certain degree.
The degree of tightening depends on the individual condition of the skin and connective tissue as well as the age of the patient. The more damaged the skin structure and connective tissue are, generally in direct correlation to the age of the patient, the more care needs to be applied when it comes to liposuction. It would be recommendable to plan another surgery within a few months in order to ensure appealing results and give skin and connective tissue the proper time to regenerate.

Can the removed fat by injected, for example into facial wrinkles?

Yes, absolutely. For this purpose, the body’s own fat cells are specifically treated so as to inject them into tissue in a different area of the body. This process is frequently used for very pronounced and deep wrinkles but also for areas of the body which need more volume, for example to fill up hollow cheeks, breasts or buttocks.

Can I gain weight in a different spot after liposuction?

If the body is permanently supplied with an excess of calories, this may indeed happen. Fat cells under the skin exist all over the human body and may increase in size in different locations. However, if you pay some attention to your diet and do some exercise, this will generally not happen.

Here are some answers to the most frequent questions about liposuction.

Liposuction – The perfect method to deal with persistent problem areas.

Liposuction is the ideal way of applying the gentle method of tackling persistent fat pads which continue to resist any diet and exercise. This treatment is also helpful for overweight patients. The removal of specific fat deposits as well as nutrition counseling often serve as a great boost in motivation.

Let’s talk about it!

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