I have been applying the medical specialist treatment of wrinkles and tissue through injections in my Berlin practice with immense success. It is not always necessary to opt for a surgical facelift. My treatment is individually customized and follows a comprehensive approach which focuses on the overall expression of your face. Sunken cheeks can be re-padded, saggy parts of the face can be re-tightened and expression lines can be smoothened. Depending on the kind of skin and the type and depth of the wrinkles, modern and non-invasive procedures are available which can be applied individually or in combination with each other. As a result, the overall look of your appearance will regain its attractiveness and appeal.

Revitalization and a fresh appearance.Your overall appearance is restored as a whole.

The first indicators of age, a reduction in contours and sagging facial expressions, make us appear tired, drawn and careworn. Expression lines and wrinkles on décolleté and around the eyes and cheeks make us appear older than we really are and really feel.The times are long gone where only celebrities and stars had the privilege of correcting unpleasant signs of aging. An increasing number of people, women as well as men, looking to live their private and professional life with more self-confidence and in agreement with their vibrancy, can fulfil this wish today.Using modern methods and safe agents, the gentle kind of anti-wrinkle injections achieves the best results without surgical procedures. It is a highly effective and gentle application.

This video will provide answers to your most frequent questions about botulinum toxin

Wrinkle reduction and revitalization without any surgical procedure – right here in Berlin:

Gentle and effective treatment with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid

The gentle injection technique is much less invasive and, in many cases, replaces a surgical procedure, especially when it comes to the restoration of former facial contours which have lost their form due to aging and weight loss. In my practice for aesthetic surgery, I only treat patients using the most modern techniques. For injections, I exclusively apply high-quality brand agents on the basis of the effects of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.

The effects of anti-wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid

By injecting hyaluronic acid, we can easily make wrinkles disappear and even effectively restore disharmonious facial contours in their entirety. The hyaluronic acid used for this purpose is a natural substance contained in our body. It is known as a “filler” compound which refills missing tissue, ensures an elastic skin complexion and stimulates natural collagen formation. When injected under skin wrinkles in micro dosages, hyaluronic acid bolsters the tissue, causing the wrinkle to raise up. A procedure as straightforward as effective.As a result, your face will gain expressive strength while the contours will appear more defined and more vitalized. Anti-wrinkle injections make the face appear fresher and more rejuvenated:

Injections to counter deep-set nasolabial foldsRevitalization and restoration of disappearing contoursPadding of hanging corners of the mouth and of hollow cheeksSmoothing of the pleats and of the entire upper lip areaSmoothing of forehead wrinkles and frown lineSmall wrinkles on eyes and cheeksAnti-wrinkle injection of the tear grooveSmoothing of wrinkles in neck and cleavage area

In safe hands – for complete and soothing wrinkle reduction

As a medical specialist for surgery with long-standing experience and dedication in aesthetic surgery, I support international expert teams in aesthetic surgery in an advisory role and train colleagues in the application of non-invasive injection techniques.In my practice, I perform all steps of the treatment personally and consult patients individually during each step of the treatment. I only use the most gentle and safest state-of-the-art agents.We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions. The team will gladly coordinate an appointment with you for a consultation without any obligations on your part.

I look forward to being able to help you regain a radiant and fresh look!